What’s New From iPhone 12

What’s New From iPhone 12 In 2020

IPhone is a gadget company that always offers new and different things every year. This is what makes this brand always awaited every year. And for 2020, the iPhone is rumored to be releasing several new smartphones including the iPhone 12. But what’s new from iPhone 12? The following is the explanation.

1. 5G Connection

Nowadays, an internet connection is needed to communicate or help human work. Because existing applications on smartphones must be connected to the internet to be used. For this reason, a good smartphone must have a reliable internet connection too.

Smartphone currently in circulation has a 4G internet connection which is famous for its performance which is better than 3G. However, the iPhone 12 which will appear in 2020 has a 5G internet connection. Surely this will be good news morning iPhone fans.

2. Pro Motion Display

Pro Motion Display has become one of what’s new from iPhone 12. Actually, rumors of this display have been around since the iPhone 11 will be launched. But the screen on the iPhone 11 does not yet support 120 Hz refresh rate. So that at this time only the iPad Pro series already has this Pro Motion Display.

Finally this year, iphone fans can enjoy the performance of the screen on the iPhone 12. With this Pro Motion Display, users can enjoy incredible picture sharpness both for playing games and editing videos. In addition, this iphone will still be seen clearly in color and light despite being in very bright conditions.

3. 4 Cameras

Unlike the iPhone 11 which has 3 cameras, iPhone 12 which will be released in 2020 has 4 cameras. Which is the fourth camera is a time-of-flight camera.The function of this camera is to help AR mapping (AR mapping), can also be for portrait mode in video.Reportedly the size of the fourth camera will be smaller in size.

The configuration might consist of a wide, ultra wide, telephoto and 3D Tof camera for bokeh effects. Not only that, the resolution of the main camera is also likely to increase to 64 megapixels with a Sony IMX686 sensor. So, the four cameras are reportedly designed in a square module such as the iPhone 11 Pro Max, but positioned symmetrically, not zigzagging.

4. Flat Design And Do Not Have Notch

What’s new from iPhone 12 next is in terms of design. iPhone 12 will reportedly adapt the design of the iPhone 4 series. Which iPhone 4 has a flat design like the iPad Pro series in 2018. In addition, iPhone 12 will remove the notch that was first introduced through the iPhone X in 2017.

The top frame contains the front camera components and Face ID face scanner. But for the iPhone 12 components called Face ID will be placed in a small gap between the top frame and the screen, adjacent to the earpiece. The location of the front camera is not yet known.

That was about what’s new from iphone 12. There are a number of things the iPhone will offer on its newest product in 2020. These include 4 cameras, a 5G internet connection, a Flat and No Notch Design and a Pro Motion Display. Surely this will be eagerly awaited by iphone fans.