is samsung the best android phone

Is Samsung The Best Android Phone? The Facts About Samsung That You Should Know

is samsung the best android phone

In this modern life, the Android phone has become an important thing. Most people may have Android phones in whatever the brand. Yes, we know together that there many brands of Android phones that exist among people, including Samsung. Many people will be familiar with this brand because they have used Samsung or even just hear about Samsung. On the other hand, there is a claim say ask about whether or not Samsung the best Android phone. However, we cannot judge something without knowing the fact first. Thus, we will explain more information about is Samsung the best Android phone?

Samsung Android Phone

We can say that Samsung is one of the big brands of Android that have produced many kinds of smartphones along this time. Besides, Samsung always gives a great and interesting contribution to their product. Samsung also provides many kinds of modern Android phones with its best technology. Therefore, we cannot ignore that Samsung becomes the most wanted Android phone brand among people. From the first until the last product Samsung always give the best for their customers.

The Fact About Samsung

Samsung provides many kinds of interesting products until today. It also gives the best design of smartphones that can make people interested in it. Here are some facts that make Samsung become the best Android phone.

1. Samsung In Not The First, But It Jumps Higher Than Others

Actually, although Samsung can be determined as the best Android phone among people, Samsung is not the first phone which provides a new contribution. However, being the first cannot be a restriction of being best. Besides, Samsung is great and aggressive in the market place and jumps higher than others in the market. It provides the best and different from others start from the SPH-i300.

2. Being Top Selling Phone

Even Samsung not the first one, but Samsung give the best product for their customer. Therefore, Samsung gets its first appreciation from the public as the top-selling phone in 2012 with the product Samsung E1110. In 2012, Samsung E1110 is sold the amount of 150 million products. It is a great achievement for Samsung. However, people like Samsung not for random reasons. People like Samsung because it has interesting things that can make them interested in it.

3. Samsung Galaxy 4 Also Become The Best Selling Product

Being the top-selling phone with Samsung E1110 is not enough achievement for the company. Samsung keeps growing more and provides its great Android phone. By this achievement, we can say get the answer of is Samsung the best Android phone. Samsung with its product, Samsung Galaxy 4 become the best-selling product with 80 million sales. By that achievement, Samsung can compete with other best-sellers Android phones such as smartphones and Nokia.

To sum up, by the achievement of Samsung, it can be categorized as the best Android phone along this time. Therefore, we will get the answer to the question ‘is Samsung the best Android phone’ without asking more about the real fact. Therefore, many people like to use Samsung because it provides many things which need by the customers.