best software to install for work from home

The 5 Best Software to Install for Work From Home In 2020

best software to install for work from home

Amid the outbreak of COVID-19, many countries implemented work from home policies. However, for some of you, the Work From Home policy has its challenges. Therefore, you need to know the best software to install for Work From Home.

You can use this software to make it easier for you to work even from home. In addition, the software can also be used to stay connected with coworkers to reduce boredom. So, here is the list of the best software to install for Work From Home, which will simplify your work:

1. Zoom

This is a software that you can use to hold a Video Conference. This software is perfect for companies that have a policy of working from home since the Covod-19 pandemic. This is because the maximum number of Zoom users can reach 1,000 people.

In addition, the unique feature of this software is that users can change the background when conducting a videoconference. This is one of the interesting ways to get rid of boredom while working from home. So, no wonder this is the best software to install for work from home, which has been used by many people.

2. Slack

When undergoing a period of Work From Home, you certainly need a software that can maintain communication with coworkers. You can install Slack to maintain communication while working. This software is very popular and easy to use, so no wonder if many people and companies use Slack.

This software provides convenience because there are many features integrated with Slack such as Dropbox, Google Docs, and so on. So, Slack can support you for Work From Home especially if you work in the IT sector.

3. Workplace by Facebook

Almost everyone has a Facebook account, but have you ever heard of this software? This is software that has a message service and also social media specifically for corporations and professionals. This software can facilitate mobile coordination, monitor employees, and send messages.

In fact, through this software, you can also share information not only in file formats but also photos and videos. However, to install this software and use its services, you must pay starting from USD 1. It is an affordable price because your work will be easier if you use this software.

4. Google Hangouts and Meet

This software was originally only an instant messaging service, but you can use this for group video calls. Moreover, Google also has a Hangouts-based business solution called Meet.

This software is integrated with a work calendar that automatically displays meetings. In addition, this software also allows you to easily share screens if you want to show coworkers details. This software can be used to accommodate around 250 people and broadcast live streaming up to 100 thousand viewers.

5. Microsoft Teams

Many companies use much software from Microsoft and until now Microsoft continues to support the office world. Microsoft has an application called Microsoft Teams that helps to keep employees connected despite working from home.

This software has many features, such as instant messaging, voice calls, video calls, sending documents, and much more. So, this is the best software to install to Work From Home because this software can be used on Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android.

Those are the list of the best software to install for Work From Home, which can facilitate your work. In addition, the software can also ease your various challenges when working from home. However, you can install one of the software depending on your needs.