Best scanning apps for android

5 Recommendations Of The Best Scanning Apps For Android

Best scanning apps for android

Nowadays, a scanner is very needed to make a digital file. But you don’t need to have a scanner machine to make it happen. Just use your phone only and download a scanning app. What app to download? So, here are the recommendations of the best scanning apps for Android.

1. Adobe Scan: PDF & Business Card Scanner with OCR

A scanner app from Adobe offers OCR technology. It can recognize the printed text from the document you scan. Not only that, but this app can also recycle any content you want.

Another advantage of using this app is you can add a contact without typing. Use a business card to scan. Then let Adobe Scan extract the contact information automatically to save it.

 Adobe Scan is simple and the only it can export is PDFs. But that characteristic makes this app very easy to use. The scanned file can also be accessed from any device because it is stored in the cloud.

2. Scanbot-PDF Document Scanner

This scanner app is developed by doo GmbH since 2014. Until the latest version,, it has more than one million downloads on Play Store. It can’t be denied that Scanbot is one of the best scanning apps for Android.

The main feature of this app is certainly to scan any kind of document. It will crop the document you’ve scanned and it will be more perfect. You can easily save the result as JPG or PDF.

Afterward, you can edit directly on the document. Adding a signature or highlighting text is not difficult to do. Even more, it supports many cloud services, such as Dropbox, Evernote, and MagentaCloud. Another advantage of Scanbot is it can also scan QR code or barcode. 

3. Easy Scanner-Camera to Signed PDF

It is a complete scanning app. You can digitalize documents from any source. Easy Scanner can crop the document in the border and enhance the graphic and text. It will make the document neater and clearer.

Besides scanning documents, there are 3 other features in this app. Signing, this feature will help you to e-sign your scanned document, such as a contract. You can also create a customized signature and make it has a vibrant color. But it is only for the premium users.

Sharing your documents after scanning is easy with this app. Just send it via email, or save in the cloud. And for you who need to be more focused, you may always like to activate the Dark Mode feature. 

4. Microsoft Office Lens

Office Lens has many features and high quality, so it is suitable for students or professionals. Besides, this app also provides several languages, like Spanish, German, and Chinese. It is no wonder if Office Lens has used in various country.

With those features, it is reasonable if this app is being big sized. For the latest version, the download size is 35.33 MB. But it is not a big deal if your phone has large storage.

5. TurboScan

If your phone storage is limited, TurboScan is a good scanning app to install. With only 8 MB, you can have a full-featured scanner. Its performance is also not inferior to other scanning apps.

TurboScan has all standard scanning app features. It can detect the document edge, supports cloud storage, and also edit the document. There is also a SureScan feature that can sharpen the scanning result, especially when you are in low-light.

Those are 5 recommendations of best scanning apps for Android you can consider to download. Scanning documents is now easier by the apps. Try one of them, and feel the ease.