Best Phone For Vlogging Options For People To Buy

Best Phone For Vlogging Options For People To Buy

best phone for vlogging

Nowadays, vlogging is a popular activity that people often do. Starting from teenagers, adults, seniors, until kids. People could also watch other people’s vlogging on the internet, whether it is on YouTube or Instagram. At first, people would vlog use professional cameras. However, now people do not need a professional camera. They could use just handphones. There is the best phone for vlogging that is cheap enough for people to buy.

Best Phone For Vlogging Options For People To Buy

People would usually use the front camera for vlogging. That is why the front camera is also important besides the back camera. Another thing to pay attention to the handphone spec for vlogging is the capacity of memory. Since videos do take a lot of space of memory. To know more about the best phone for vlogging, here are some great handphone alternatives.

1. The Cheap yet High-Quality Huawei P30 PRO

When it comes to gadgets, people want to choose a product that provides a cheap price with high quality. The Huawei P30 PRO is a suitable handphone for those who love vlogging. This handphone is cheaper than the other handphones in their class. However, Huawei P30 still offers high quality. Especially for the camera result that is great. The front camera has a 24MP with a video resolution of 4K / 2190p.

2. The Smooth iPhone 11 Pro Max

The next best phone for vlogging is with using the iPhone. Apple is one of the most popular brand handphones that there is no doubt about its quality. One of the series that are great for vlogging is iPhone 11 Pro Max. This series is the pioneer of the 3 back cameras. Moreover, the camera on this handphone captures a detailed, wide and epic picture.

3. The Wide Camera Pro Samsung S10+

Besides Apple, Samsung is also a handphone brand that is most favorite in the market. One of their new product releases is Samsung S10+. One of the top features is the wide camera that has a great cinematic picture. It has a 123o field of view. Moreover, the stabilization on this camera is stunning. The result of video (and photo) from this handphone would be just like the ones from a professional camera.

4. The Detail Camera Honor View 20

Another best phone for vlogging is using the Honor View 20 handphone. Even though it is categorized as a mid-price phone, but the quality is no doubt. The result from the camera details with high resolution. Moreover, taking videos in the dark would also not be a problem. The camera has a 48MP as well as a high mid-price camera handphone.

5. The Affordable Xiaomi Mi 9T

The next phone that is affordable yet has a high quality is Xiaomi. Xiaomi has been on the famous handphone that the market often uses. It is because it is cheaper than the other brands. However, the quality is the same as great as the other expensive ones. One of the series that are suitable for vlogging is the Xiaomi Mi 9T. Both the main and front camera has a great result.

Choosing the best phone for vlogging is important to get the best result for the video. Not only that the camera that people need to pay attention to. But also the other features as well.