Best new mobile phone 2020

The Best New Mobile Phone 2020 That Will Be Different From The Previous Year

Best new mobile phone 2020

In this modern-day, the mobile phone becomes the needed of everyone on all gender. Many people use mobile phones to help them to do their work or other activities. Therefore, many mobile phone companies are built and make another type of mobile phone every year. Thus, today, the mobile phone comes with many types such as size, cost, specification, and also technology. It is also increasing every year. Then, what is the best new mobile phone 2020 or this year?

Best new mobile phone 2020

There are a lot of mobile phones that publish around the previous year, 2019. And now, in 2020, we will meet another type of mobile phone with better specifications, models and many others? Here are them.

1. One Plus 7T

The first best new mobile phone 2020 that can be your option is One plus 7T mobile phone. This mobile phone has many things that differ from the previous such as 6.5 in AMOLED of the display, 90 Hz transformative, triple camera, 30W charging boots, and many others. This mobile phone is recommended for you who don’t like to wait long charging because the one plus 7T just need 20 minutes for 50 percent. Not only the technology, but this mobile phone also has a good appearance that will surprise you.

2. I-phone 11

The TheI-phone brand has been famous among people, thus you will not amazed that this mobile phone will be the best mobile phone 2020. I-phone 11 has many new specifications such as wide-angel lens, top-notch-here technology, and many others. Moreover, this mobile phone also provides many various colors which are all of them are interesting.

3. Xiaomi Mi 9

Xiaomi is one of the new brands of mobile phones. Even it is still new, but Xiaomi has been a success to invite people and become famous among them. It has a fingerprint sensor, 855 processors, 20W wireless charging, a larger screen, and a triple lens camera. Those specifications are very interesting. Thus, Xiaomi has many fans and all of them like to use Xiaomi.

4. Google Pixel 3

Another best mobile phone in 2020 is Google pixel 3. If you use this mobile phone, you will say that Google Pixel 3 is the cleanest Android experience. It has a shoot camera, very large screen, waterproof mobile phone, long battery life, and it can charge by wireless. All of those specifications are amazing by google pixel 3. If you like such a large screen mobile phone, you will try to have google pixel 3.

5. Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Another famous brand of mobile phone for a long time ago is Samsung. This brand always provides a wonderful product, start from the simple one until the wonderful mobile phone. And now, Samsung provides Samsung Galaxy S10 plus which has plenty of performance. It has one-UI, triple rear cameras, and many others. Some of the performances are the same as the previous ones. But, it is still the best mobile phone in 2020.

So, which is the mobile phone that you will buy from the best new mobile phone 2020? Have you decided on your decision to buy a new mobile phone? There is a lot of mobile phones that become the best mobile phone in 2020. The previous explanation just some examples of them.