How To Make Google Dark Mode In Some Applications

how to make google dark mode

Light from PC and Android has a blue light that can make your eyes tired. Surely this is not good for those of you who use these gadgets for a long time. Therefore, you can overcome this by activating dark mode in some applications that you use often like Google. Here is how to make google dark mode in some applications.

1. Google Calculator

Google calculator is an application from the Google company to help you calculate. Apparently you can use dark mode in the application. That way the mode will protect your eyes from the gadgets that are quite dangerous.

To activate dark mode on the google calculator application, you must open the application first. Then in the upper right, touch the three-point mark. Then select the “choose theme” section then choose dark. If successful, your google calculator display will switch to dark mode.

2. Google Calendar

Someone who works definitely needs a calendar to know the day and date and even to set a schedule. For that every smartphone there is a calendar application. So you don’t have to bother carrying a calendar anywhere. Apparently this application can be changed to dark mode in order to protect your eyesight.

How to change it is to touch the hamburger icon on the top left of the google calendar application. Then enter the settings menu and select general. The last way is to choose the theme and dark menus to change it to dark mode. That’s how to make google dark mode there is a google calendar application.

3. Google Phone

Google Phone is a google application that functions to view the history of incoming and outgoing telephone calls. Of course, these activities you always do every day to contact colleagues, clients or even family.For that, you can also maintain your eyesight when using the application.

The way to activate this dark mode is by touching the three-dot icon at the top right. Then choose the settings then display options. After that, turn on the toggle dark theme and then the display screen of your google phone will change.

4. Google Play Games

Google play games is also an application from the Google company. The application has a function to play games easily. Apparently you can also activate dark mode for this application. To activate the dark mode in the Google Play Games application is very easy. The first way is to touch the three dots icon on the right.

Then select the settings menu and turn on the “use dark theme” toggle. With the process of activating the dark mode on Google Play, you can successfully do the game. That’s how to make google dark mode in google play games application.

5. Google News

If you often read the news via mobile, of course, know the Google News application. The application can provide news that is relevant to user interests. Of course, you can spend a lot of time staring at the screen while reading the news.

Therefore you can activate the dark mode feature in the application. First, you have to open the Google News application and touch your profile icon. After that, select the settings menu and in the general section choose a dark theme. That’s where the dark mode on the Google News application you successfully applied.

That was how to make Google dark mode in several applications. Your eyes are very valuable so you must guard against the light of your smartphone. One way is to activate the dark mode as above.