The 5 Best Software to Install for Work From Home In 2020

best software to install for work from home

Amid the outbreak of COVID-19, many countries implemented work from home policies. However, for some of you, the Work From Home policy has its challenges. Therefore, you need to know the best software to install for Work From Home.

You can use this software to make it easier for you to work even from home. In addition, the software can also be used to stay connected with coworkers to reduce boredom. So, here is the list of the best software to install for Work From Home, which will simplify your work:

1. Zoom

This is a software that you can use to hold a Video Conference. This software is perfect for companies that have a policy of working from home since the Covod-19 pandemic. This is because the maximum number of Zoom users can reach 1,000 people.

In addition, the unique feature of this software is that users can change the background when conducting a videoconference. This is one of the interesting ways to get rid of boredom while working from home. So, no wonder this is the best software to install for work from home, which has been used by many people.

2. Slack

When undergoing a period of Work From Home, you certainly need a software that can maintain communication with coworkers. You can install Slack to maintain communication while working. This software is very popular and easy to use, so no wonder if many people and companies use Slack.

This software provides convenience because there are many features integrated with Slack such as Dropbox, Google Docs, and so on. So, Slack can support you for Work From Home especially if you work in the IT sector.

3. Workplace by Facebook

Almost everyone has a Facebook account, but have you ever heard of this software? This is software that has a message service and also social media specifically for corporations and professionals. This software can facilitate mobile coordination, monitor employees, and send messages.

In fact, through this software, you can also share information not only in file formats but also photos and videos. However, to install this software and use its services, you must pay starting from USD 1. It is an affordable price because your work will be easier if you use this software.

4. Google Hangouts and Meet

This software was originally only an instant messaging service, but you can use this for group video calls. Moreover, Google also has a Hangouts-based business solution called Meet.

This software is integrated with a work calendar that automatically displays meetings. In addition, this software also allows you to easily share screens if you want to show coworkers details. This software can be used to accommodate around 250 people and broadcast live streaming up to 100 thousand viewers.

5. Microsoft Teams

Many companies use much software from Microsoft and until now Microsoft continues to support the office world. Microsoft has an application called Microsoft Teams that helps to keep employees connected despite working from home.

This software has many features, such as instant messaging, voice calls, video calls, sending documents, and much more. So, this is the best software to install to Work From Home because this software can be used on Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android.

Those are the list of the best software to install for Work From Home, which can facilitate your work. In addition, the software can also ease your various challenges when working from home. However, you can install one of the software depending on your needs.

How To Make Google Dark Mode In Some Applications

how to make google dark mode

Light from PC and Android has a blue light that can make your eyes tired. Surely this is not good for those of you who use these gadgets for a long time. Therefore, you can overcome this by activating dark mode in some applications that you use often like Google. Here is how to make google dark mode in some applications.

1. Google Calculator

Google calculator is an application from the Google company to help you calculate. Apparently you can use dark mode in the application. That way the mode will protect your eyes from the gadgets that are quite dangerous.

To activate dark mode on the google calculator application, you must open the application first. Then in the upper right, touch the three-point mark. Then select the “choose theme” section then choose dark. If successful, your google calculator display will switch to dark mode.

2. Google Calendar

Someone who works definitely needs a calendar to know the day and date and even to set a schedule. For that every smartphone there is a calendar application. So you don’t have to bother carrying a calendar anywhere. Apparently this application can be changed to dark mode in order to protect your eyesight.

How to change it is to touch the hamburger icon on the top left of the google calendar application. Then enter the settings menu and select general. The last way is to choose the theme and dark menus to change it to dark mode. That’s how to make google dark mode there is a google calendar application.

3. Google Phone

Google Phone is a google application that functions to view the history of incoming and outgoing telephone calls. Of course, these activities you always do every day to contact colleagues, clients or even family.For that, you can also maintain your eyesight when using the application.

The way to activate this dark mode is by touching the three-dot icon at the top right. Then choose the settings then display options. After that, turn on the toggle dark theme and then the display screen of your google phone will change.

4. Google Play Games

Google play games is also an application from the Google company. The application has a function to play games easily. Apparently you can also activate dark mode for this application. To activate the dark mode in the Google Play Games application is very easy. The first way is to touch the three dots icon on the right.

Then select the settings menu and turn on the “use dark theme” toggle. With the process of activating the dark mode on Google Play, you can successfully do the game. That’s how to make google dark mode in google play games application.

5. Google News

If you often read the news via mobile, of course, know the Google News application. The application can provide news that is relevant to user interests. Of course, you can spend a lot of time staring at the screen while reading the news.

Therefore you can activate the dark mode feature in the application. First, you have to open the Google News application and touch your profile icon. After that, select the settings menu and in the general section choose a dark theme. That’s where the dark mode on the Google News application you successfully applied.

That was how to make Google dark mode in several applications. Your eyes are very valuable so you must guard against the light of your smartphone. One way is to activate the dark mode as above.

Is Samsung The Best Android Phone? The Facts About Samsung That You Should Know

is samsung the best android phone

In this modern life, the Android phone has become an important thing. Most people may have Android phones in whatever the brand. Yes, we know together that there many brands of Android phones that exist among people, including Samsung. Many people will be familiar with this brand because they have used Samsung or even just hear about Samsung. On the other hand, there is a claim say ask about whether or not Samsung the best Android phone. However, we cannot judge something without knowing the fact first. Thus, we will explain more information about is Samsung the best Android phone?

Samsung Android Phone

We can say that Samsung is one of the big brands of Android that have produced many kinds of smartphones along this time. Besides, Samsung always gives a great and interesting contribution to their product. Samsung also provides many kinds of modern Android phones with its best technology. Therefore, we cannot ignore that Samsung becomes the most wanted Android phone brand among people. From the first until the last product Samsung always give the best for their customers.

The Fact About Samsung

Samsung provides many kinds of interesting products until today. It also gives the best design of smartphones that can make people interested in it. Here are some facts that make Samsung become the best Android phone.

1. Samsung In Not The First, But It Jumps Higher Than Others

Actually, although Samsung can be determined as the best Android phone among people, Samsung is not the first phone which provides a new contribution. However, being the first cannot be a restriction of being best. Besides, Samsung is great and aggressive in the market place and jumps higher than others in the market. It provides the best and different from others start from the SPH-i300.

2. Being Top Selling Phone

Even Samsung not the first one, but Samsung give the best product for their customer. Therefore, Samsung gets its first appreciation from the public as the top-selling phone in 2012 with the product Samsung E1110. In 2012, Samsung E1110 is sold the amount of 150 million products. It is a great achievement for Samsung. However, people like Samsung not for random reasons. People like Samsung because it has interesting things that can make them interested in it.

3. Samsung Galaxy 4 Also Become The Best Selling Product

Being the top-selling phone with Samsung E1110 is not enough achievement for the company. Samsung keeps growing more and provides its great Android phone. By this achievement, we can say get the answer of is Samsung the best Android phone. Samsung with its product, Samsung Galaxy 4 become the best-selling product with 80 million sales. By that achievement, Samsung can compete with other best-sellers Android phones such as smartphones and Nokia.

To sum up, by the achievement of Samsung, it can be categorized as the best Android phone along this time. Therefore, we will get the answer to the question ‘is Samsung the best Android phone’ without asking more about the real fact. Therefore, many people like to use Samsung because it provides many things which need by the customers.

Innovative Evolution Live Dealer Games

Toward the beginning, live vendor games at online gambling clubs precisely duplicated the land club variations of roulette, blackjack and baccarat. Be that as it may, after some time creative additional items have been seen. Advancement Gaming has been in the fore front of this pattern. Its Infinite Blackjack and Lightning Roulette are prime models. You can play these games at the live seller foundation of online gambling clubs like Master88 agen judi Casino online and 32Red Casino.

Unbounded Blackjack beats one of the significant downsides of live seller games. There are a fixed number of seats at live blackjack tables, for the most part around seven. Players regularly need to trust that a seat will be abandoned. Interminable Blackjack has a versatile table wherein there are boundless seats. So a boundless number of players can bet simultaneously with no holding up time. Development Gaming has achieved this by managing all players a typical introductory two-card hand. From that point, every player can play the hand as they need to. Endless Blackjack offers four discretionary side wagers too. A portion of these are regular in the RND online gambling club blackjack variations. Any Pair wins on any pair made with the initial two cards of the player’s hand. 21+3 successes on characterized three-card poker hand rankings made with the player’s initial two cards and the seller’s face up card. Hot 3 successes on three-card blends totalling 19, 20 and 21 made with the player’s initial two cards and the seller’s face up card. Bust It wins if the vendor busts with 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or at least 8 cards. The well known Six Card Charlie rule is additionally remembered for Infinite Blackjack.

Lightning Roulette has gotten grants at lofty industry gatherings. The roulette game joins live gambling club activity with RNG game play. The game is played with an European Roulette haggle all the standard wagers. In each turn of the live roulette wheel, up to five Lucky Numbers are struck by lightning and showed on a screen. Each Lucky Number is related with a Lucky Payout, which is a multiplier extending from 50x to 500x. These numbers and multipliers are created utilizing RNG programming synchronized with the turn of the wheel. In the event that the ball arrives on any Lucky Number and if a player has made a Single Number wager on that Lucky Number, they will have their wagered sum increased by the Lucky Payout related with that Lucky Number. So as to make up for this extra payout, ordinary Single Number wager wins pay 30:1 rather than the typical 35:1. All other live roulette wagers pay typically.

5 Recommendations Of The Best Scanning Apps For Android

Best scanning apps for android

Nowadays, a scanner is very needed to make a digital file. But you don’t need to have a scanner machine to make it happen. Just use your phone only and download a scanning app. What app to download? So, here are the recommendations of the best scanning apps for Android.

1. Adobe Scan: PDF & Business Card Scanner with OCR

A scanner app from Adobe offers OCR technology. It can recognize the printed text from the document you scan. Not only that, but this app can also recycle any content you want.

Another advantage of using this app is you can add a contact without typing. Use a business card to scan. Then let Adobe Scan extract the contact information automatically to save it.

 Adobe Scan is simple and the only it can export is PDFs. But that characteristic makes this app very easy to use. The scanned file can also be accessed from any device because it is stored in the cloud.

2. Scanbot-PDF Document Scanner

This scanner app is developed by doo GmbH since 2014. Until the latest version,, it has more than one million downloads on Play Store. It can’t be denied that Scanbot is one of the best scanning apps for Android.

The main feature of this app is certainly to scan any kind of document. It will crop the document you’ve scanned and it will be more perfect. You can easily save the result as JPG or PDF.

Afterward, you can edit directly on the document. Adding a signature or highlighting text is not difficult to do. Even more, it supports many cloud services, such as Dropbox, Evernote, and MagentaCloud. Another advantage of Scanbot is it can also scan QR code or barcode. 

3. Easy Scanner-Camera to Signed PDF

It is a complete scanning app. You can digitalize documents from any source. Easy Scanner can crop the document in the border and enhance the graphic and text. It will make the document neater and clearer.

Besides scanning documents, there are 3 other features in this app. Signing, this feature will help you to e-sign your scanned document, such as a contract. You can also create a customized signature and make it has a vibrant color. But it is only for the premium users.

Sharing your documents after scanning is easy with this app. Just send it via email, or save in the cloud. And for you who need to be more focused, you may always like to activate the Dark Mode feature. 

4. Microsoft Office Lens

Office Lens has many features and high quality, so it is suitable for students or professionals. Besides, this app also provides several languages, like Spanish, German, and Chinese. It is no wonder if Office Lens has used in various country.

With those features, it is reasonable if this app is being big sized. For the latest version, the download size is 35.33 MB. But it is not a big deal if your phone has large storage.

5. TurboScan

If your phone storage is limited, TurboScan is a good scanning app to install. With only 8 MB, you can have a full-featured scanner. Its performance is also not inferior to other scanning apps.

TurboScan has all standard scanning app features. It can detect the document edge, supports cloud storage, and also edit the document. There is also a SureScan feature that can sharpen the scanning result, especially when you are in low-light.

Those are 5 recommendations of best scanning apps for Android you can consider to download. Scanning documents is now easier by the apps. Try one of them, and feel the ease.

Best Phone For Vlogging Options For People To Buy

best phone for vlogging

Nowadays, vlogging is a popular activity that people often do. Starting from teenagers, adults, seniors, until kids. People could also watch other people’s vlogging on the internet, whether it is on YouTube or Instagram. At first, people would vlog use professional cameras. However, now people do not need a professional camera. They could use just handphones. There is the best phone for vlogging that is cheap enough for people to buy.

Best Phone For Vlogging Options For People To Buy

People would usually use the front camera for vlogging. That is why the front camera is also important besides the back camera. Another thing to pay attention to the handphone spec for vlogging is the capacity of memory. Since videos do take a lot of space of memory. To know more about the best phone for vlogging, here are some great handphone alternatives.

1. The Cheap yet High-Quality Huawei P30 PRO

When it comes to gadgets, people want to choose a product that provides a cheap price with high quality. The Huawei P30 PRO is a suitable handphone for those who love vlogging. This handphone is cheaper than the other handphones in their class. However, Huawei P30 still offers high quality. Especially for the camera result that is great. The front camera has a 24MP with a video resolution of 4K / 2190p.

2. The Smooth iPhone 11 Pro Max

The next best phone for vlogging is with using the iPhone. Apple is one of the most popular brand handphones that there is no doubt about its quality. One of the series that are great for vlogging is iPhone 11 Pro Max. This series is the pioneer of the 3 back cameras. Moreover, the camera on this handphone captures a detailed, wide and epic picture.

3. The Wide Camera Pro Samsung S10+

Besides Apple, Samsung is also a handphone brand that is most favorite in the market. One of their new product releases is Samsung S10+. One of the top features is the wide camera that has a great cinematic picture. It has a 123o field of view. Moreover, the stabilization on this camera is stunning. The result of video (and photo) from this handphone would be just like the ones from a professional camera.

4. The Detail Camera Honor View 20

Another best phone for vlogging is using the Honor View 20 handphone. Even though it is categorized as a mid-price phone, but the quality is no doubt. The result from the camera details with high resolution. Moreover, taking videos in the dark would also not be a problem. The camera has a 48MP as well as a high mid-price camera handphone.

5. The Affordable Xiaomi Mi 9T

The next phone that is affordable yet has a high quality is Xiaomi. Xiaomi has been on the famous handphone that the market often uses. It is because it is cheaper than the other brands. However, the quality is the same as great as the other expensive ones. One of the series that are suitable for vlogging is the Xiaomi Mi 9T. Both the main and front camera has a great result.

Choosing the best phone for vlogging is important to get the best result for the video. Not only that the camera that people need to pay attention to. But also the other features as well.

Top Best Apps For Apple Watch Health

best apps for apple watch health

Applying a healthy life is easy as long as people know the way and have help. Some of the popular ways to have a healthy life are by changing what we eat and consume. However, these days the advance of technology can also help people live a healthier life. One of the devices that can help monitor a healthy life is Apple Watch. Using this watch, people can track calories, diet and even the quality of the sleep. However, to track and monitor health progress, people must download the best apps for Apple Watch health. By using these apps, people can see their progress from time to time. 

best apps for apple watch health

There are many kinds of apps that people can download which has different functions and features. Most of the apps have free sessions to try before downloading the premium version. These apps are also available on mobile phones; therefore, it is easier to monitor. Don’t get confused with the many options there is, because here are the best apps for Apple Watch health:

1. Lifesum

For those who are planning on a diet must download Lifesum on their watch and mobile phone. With this app, people can track their health and nutrition in what they are consuming. Other than that, people can control and track their diet, calorie, and fat that they consume. Compared to other apps, this is one of the most accurate ones and gives useful information. The app also provides a food journal where you can track what food you have been eating. So, you can say that this is one of the best apps for Apple Watch health download. 

2. Lark

Download Lark and you will have a 24/7 health coach with you anywhere you are. Just like a personal coach, the app will track all the activities you do and the food you consume. It will also give notification if you are doing something too long or not as suggested. Then they will text motivate you every day, to make sure you keep your spirit. 

3. Headspace

For people who are feeling stressed out because of routine activities, then download Headspace to help. The app provides guidance for people who get stressed easily and the activities It provides many mediations that can help people calm the mind or help people to focus. The mediations are updated every day; therefore, people can get updated too. 

4. Pocket Yoga

Yoga is one of the exercises that can relax the body and calm the mind, so having can help your exercise. In this app, people will get moves on yoga moves that they can do at home. There is a total of 27 different sessions that people can follow with different sessions. Pocket yoga will also help correct the posture and provide information about mediation. 

5. Hello Heart

To track down blood pressure use Hello Heart on the Apple Watch. With this app, people can manage any heart risks that may happen. The app also gives notification and applications on your certain hear condition. The best part of this application it is all based on AMA guidelines, so it is reliable. 

So, download these best apps for Apple Watch health to help monitor your health. Not only monitor, but these apps will also give useful information and explanations that are helpful. So, with the help of technology people can stay healthy anywhere and anytime. 

The Best New Mobile Phone 2020 That Will Be Different From The Previous Year

Best new mobile phone 2020

In this modern-day, the mobile phone becomes the needed of everyone on all gender. Many people use mobile phones to help them to do their work or other activities. Therefore, many mobile phone companies are built and make another type of mobile phone every year. Thus, today, the mobile phone comes with many types such as size, cost, specification, and also technology. It is also increasing every year. Then, what is the best new mobile phone 2020 or this year?

Best new mobile phone 2020

There are a lot of mobile phones that publish around the previous year, 2019. And now, in 2020, we will meet another type of mobile phone with better specifications, models and many others? Here are them.

1. One Plus 7T

The first best new mobile phone 2020 that can be your option is One plus 7T mobile phone. This mobile phone has many things that differ from the previous such as 6.5 in AMOLED of the display, 90 Hz transformative, triple camera, 30W charging boots, and many others. This mobile phone is recommended for you who don’t like to wait long charging because the one plus 7T just need 20 minutes for 50 percent. Not only the technology, but this mobile phone also has a good appearance that will surprise you.

2. I-phone 11

The TheI-phone brand has been famous among people, thus you will not amazed that this mobile phone will be the best mobile phone 2020. I-phone 11 has many new specifications such as wide-angel lens, top-notch-here technology, and many others. Moreover, this mobile phone also provides many various colors which are all of them are interesting.

3. Xiaomi Mi 9

Xiaomi is one of the new brands of mobile phones. Even it is still new, but Xiaomi has been a success to invite people and become famous among them. It has a fingerprint sensor, 855 processors, 20W wireless charging, a larger screen, and a triple lens camera. Those specifications are very interesting. Thus, Xiaomi has many fans and all of them like to use Xiaomi.

4. Google Pixel 3

Another best mobile phone in 2020 is Google pixel 3. If you use this mobile phone, you will say that Google Pixel 3 is the cleanest Android experience. It has a shoot camera, very large screen, waterproof mobile phone, long battery life, and it can charge by wireless. All of those specifications are amazing by google pixel 3. If you like such a large screen mobile phone, you will try to have google pixel 3.

5. Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Another famous brand of mobile phone for a long time ago is Samsung. This brand always provides a wonderful product, start from the simple one until the wonderful mobile phone. And now, Samsung provides Samsung Galaxy S10 plus which has plenty of performance. It has one-UI, triple rear cameras, and many others. Some of the performances are the same as the previous ones. But, it is still the best mobile phone in 2020.

So, which is the mobile phone that you will buy from the best new mobile phone 2020? Have you decided on your decision to buy a new mobile phone? There is a lot of mobile phones that become the best mobile phone in 2020. The previous explanation just some examples of them.

What’s New From iPhone 12 In 2020

IPhone is a gadget company that always offers new and different things every year. This is what makes this brand always awaited every year. And for 2020, the iPhone is rumored to be releasing several new smartphones including the iPhone 12. But what’s new from iPhone 12? The following is the explanation.

1. 5G Connection

Nowadays, an internet connection is needed to communicate or help human work. Because existing applications on smartphones must be connected to the internet to be used. For this reason, a good smartphone must have a reliable internet connection too.

Smartphone currently in circulation has a 4G internet connection which is famous for its performance which is better than 3G. However, the iPhone 12 which will appear in 2020 has a 5G internet connection. Surely this will be good news morning iPhone fans.

2. Pro Motion Display

Pro Motion Display has become one of what’s new from iPhone 12. Actually, rumors of this display have been around since the iPhone 11 will be launched. But the screen on the iPhone 11 does not yet support 120 Hz refresh rate. So that at this time only the iPad Pro series already has this Pro Motion Display.

Finally this year, iphone fans can enjoy the performance of the screen on the iPhone 12. With this Pro Motion Display, users can enjoy incredible picture sharpness both for playing games and editing videos. In addition, this iphone will still be seen clearly in color and light despite being in very bright conditions.

3. 4 Cameras

Unlike the iPhone 11 which has 3 cameras, iPhone 12 which will be released in 2020 has 4 cameras. Which is the fourth camera is a time-of-flight camera.The function of this camera is to help AR mapping (AR mapping), can also be for portrait mode in video.Reportedly the size of the fourth camera will be smaller in size.

The configuration might consist of a wide, ultra wide, telephoto and 3D Tof camera for bokeh effects. Not only that, the resolution of the main camera is also likely to increase to 64 megapixels with a Sony IMX686 sensor. So, the four cameras are reportedly designed in a square module such as the iPhone 11 Pro Max, but positioned symmetrically, not zigzagging.

4. Flat Design And Do Not Have Notch

What’s new from iPhone 12 next is in terms of design. iPhone 12 will reportedly adapt the design of the iPhone 4 series. Which iPhone 4 has a flat design like the iPad Pro series in 2018. In addition, iPhone 12 will remove the notch that was first introduced through the iPhone X in 2017.

The top frame contains the front camera components and Face ID face scanner. But for the iPhone 12 components called Face ID will be placed in a small gap between the top frame and the screen, adjacent to the earpiece. The location of the front camera is not yet known.

That was about what’s new from iphone 12. There are a number of things the iPhone will offer on its newest product in 2020. These include 4 cameras, a 5G internet connection, a Flat and No Notch Design and a Pro Motion Display. Surely this will be eagerly awaited by iphone fans.

The Simple Best Alarm System For Home You Might Want To Install

best alarm system for home

Keeping secure is important whenever where people are, including the house. Whether it is keeping safe from thieves, monitoring the housemaids and other members of the families and so on. However, for those who have never used an alarm system before, might be clueless about starting a new one. Choosing the best alarm system for home might be confusing as well. Moreover, some brands require some contract system that is also complicated.

best alarm system for home

People would want to choose an alarm system that is, of course, secure and safe. Furthermore, people would also consider the features, ease of use, price, and durability as well. Other things that would also be considered are customer reviews and customer service as well. To help people on choosing the best alarm system for home, here is the list.

1. The simple SimpliSfe System

For those who are searching for a simple alarm system with a friendly price, the SimpliSafe is a great option. Moreover, this secure and alarm system does not require any contracts as well. People could easily set up the installments on their own. As for the alarm system, people could relax and let technology do its job. When the alarm is working on, users would receive a notification on their smartphone.

2. The Smart Vivint Smart System

Another best alarm system for home is the Vivint Smart System. Not only it has advanced technology but also it has a sleek and contemporary design. Users could use this smart system for alarms, outdoor video cameras, and a two-way voice doorbell camera. Moreover, users could also access the system through their handphones.

3. The Best brand ADT System

People know ADT for its household security system. It is excellent in service, availability, and reliability as well. However, the price of ADT is a little bit more expensive than other brands. But it is worth the price. Users could control the alarm and security system not only for the safety locks but also on the lighting as well. Furthermore, users could access it all from their smartphones.

4. The Best Customer Service Frontpoint System

When talking about the best alarm system for home and its security, the Frontpoint is the answer. One of the leading features of this brand is the customer service. Whenever people call-in day or night, Frontpoint would be ready to serve. As for the quality of technology and features, it has a great expert yet simple system. The installment is easy to set and quick as well.

5. The Landline, Protect America

The next system that people could choose is “Protect America”. It is also another best alarm system people could use at home. Users would not need to pay extra costs on the installment and receive a lifetime equipment warranty. Moreover, users could first try a free 15days of trials before paying it.

Installing the best alarm system for home is important due to keeping the home safe and monitored. Moreover, nowadays the customer would not only get the alarm system but also the security system as well. Even though it might cost some money but it is worth the price.